Combat Fencing Lessons

There is no such thing as a sword fight except by the untrained hand, by amatures that have no professional training.

Think of these simple points...

You will always be moving and positioning your body and any part of your body at a distance from your opponents possible sword strikes.

You will always be moving your body and any part of your body from the positions where your opponent strikes.

You will always be striking at your opponents body and any part of the opponents body.

You will never strike at your opponents sword and you will never allow your opponent to strike your sword.


Sword Fighting - Combat Fencing - Sword Combat


Single Handed Swords - Single Handed Sword Fighting


One Handed Swords - One Handed Sword Fighting


Rapier - Cutless - Sabre

One handed swords of all types and sizes.

Any one handed blade or weapon - machetes, knives, hammers, hatchets, axes, cleavers


Sword Fighting Classes

Sword Fighting Lessons

Sword Fighting Training


Combat Fencing Classes

Combat Fencing Lessons

Combat Fencing Training


Sword Combat Classes

Sword Combat Lessons

Sword Combat Training


James Fell : Certified Sword Fighting Instructor

Private Training Available
Monday to Saturday
7am to 9pm
Depending on Schedule
$60 hour - one lesson
$40 hour - six lessons $240

817 909 3310


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