Two Handed Sword Fighting

Two Handed Swords

There is no such thing as a sword fight except by the untrained hand
by amatures that have no professional training.

Think of these simple points...

  • You will always be moving and positioning your body and any part of your body at a distance from your opponents possible sword strikes.
  • You will always be moving your body and any part of your body from the positions where your opponent strikes.
  • You will always be striking at your opponents body and any part of the opponents body.
  • You will never strike at your opponents sword and you will never allow your opponent to strike your sword.


European - Japanese - Chinese - American - Historic


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One Handed Swords - One Handed Sword Fighting

Single Handed Swords - Single Handed Sword Fighting

One handed swords and one handed weapons of all types and sizes.

Rapier - Cutless - Foil - Spadroon - Falchion - Sabre

Back Sword - Side Sword - Small Sword - Arming Sword - Short Sword

Gladius - Viking - Machete - Dao - Scimitar - Nimcha - Makhaira - Shamshir - Acinaces

Any one handed blade or weapon - knives, hammers, hatchets, axes, cleavers


Two Handed Swords - Double Handed Sword Fighting

Two handed swords and two handed weapons of all types and sizes.

Broad Sword - Long Sword - Katanas

Any two handed blade or weapon - mallots, hammers, axes, halberds, berdiches, glaives, poleaxe, spears


James Fell : Certified Sword Fighting Instructor

Private Training Available
Monday to Saturday
7am to 9pm
Depending on Schedule
$60 hour - one lesson
$40 hour - six lessons $240
$30 hour - twelve lessons $360

817 909 3310

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